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Inspiring poster presentations, banners and other sources of knowlegde inform you about the outcomes of (ongoing) research and development in the field of in-can and tank-mix adjuvant innovations. The presenters (in alphabetic order) and a short intro to their presentations are listed below.

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Pineiro Romero, Axa
PhD student at Durham University, Durham, UK

Drying of agrochemical droplets on a model surface: co-localization of adjuvant and active ingredient
A systemic active ingredient and the adjuvant(s) in the formulation have to end up in the same place on the leaf surface when a droplet of spray dries on the leaf to be effective, as is widely believed, though firm evidence is lacking. The behaviour of drying agrochemicals is studied using model formulations of a systemic fungicide with a nonionic, a cationic or an amphoteric adjuvant.



Staiger, Simona
University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany

Interaction between plant cuticular compounds, active ingredients, and adjuvants
Adjuvants like surface active agents and oils interact with the plant cuticle. Cuticles are composed of components of different physicochemical properties, including aliphatic and alicyclic wax fractions. Our focus is on the interactions of active ingredients and adjuvants with these components, because there have been no studies on the contribution of these wax fractions to the cuticular permeability of active ingredients.