EAA-Innovations 2018

Innovation Meeting for agchem adjuvant and formulation specialists.


Scope and organiser

The focus of EAA-Innovations 2018 was on new developments/trends in the technology and science of adjuvants and formulations for agrochemicals and biopesticides. Experienced scientists from the top 5 agchem companies (Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Dow and Monsanto) and from the University of Amsterdam and Ghent University shared their insights with the audience. AkzoNobel and SURfaPLUS informed on the relevance of spray drop deposit make up. In addition companies and academia showed their products and research results at the Adjuvant Mini Market.

EAA-Innovations 2018 was the follow-up on the two successful SURfaPLUS Adjuvants symposia, in Amsterdam (2011 and 2015). EAA-Innovations 2018 has been organised by SURfaPLUS. Chairman of the day was Han Rieffe from Croda.

Breaks, lunch, reception and dinner provided the attendees sufficient time for informal contacts.



The one day EAA-Innovations 2018 meeting has been held on March 7, 2018, in LantarenVenster in Europe's largest port city Rotterdam (The Netherlands).



Innovations plenary session: on 7 March several experts updated the participants with regard to innovations in formulations and adjuvants. See the full programme and more information about the presenters and their contribution.


Mini market adjuvant innovations and related services: the venue's foyer was the place for the breaks, lunch and reception and hosted a mini-market. Sponsors, contributors and the academia presented their message via a banner, poster and brochures. For academia this was a free service.





EAA-Innovations 2018 was a great succes. We would like to thank all participants for coming to Rotterdam and hope to see you again next time,

Hans de Ruiter, SURfaPLUS