Mini market contributions

The sponsoring companies, contributors and academia are invited to promote the latest adjuvant products, technologies and research results via banners, posters and brochures on a high table. The mini-market is in the venue's foyer, this is also the place for the breaks, lunch and reception.


We ask participants in the mini-market to register preferably before 26 February 2018 via the mini-market form. For questions (e.g. high table reservation) you can send an email to Coralie Allewijn.


Academic/technical poster size

The size of academic/technical posters is A0 landscape.

cm: 84.1 x 118.9 (h x w)
inch: 33.1 x 46.8 (h x w)


A PDF of academic/technical posters is distributed among participants after the meeting.


Commercial banners, product launches

Roll-up banners are preferred, please contact us when you want to bring with you another size



Participants in the adjuvant mini-market



Academic/technical posters

Title Corresponding author Co-authors Institution
Adjuvants for foliar nutrition Ahmet Bülbül *
* Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry
The effect of an esterified copolymer of glycerol on the performance of bacterial biopesticides Hans de Ruiter * Hendrik Jan van Telgen **
Jeroen Sanders ***
** Botany B.V.
*** Demokwekerij
Adsee ST4 – A sustainable solution for seed treatment Dennis Selse * Martina Andersson *
Mikael Widell *
Turgut Battal *
* Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry
Structured surfactant liquids technology: novel suspensive system by surfactant self-assembly, allowing for built-in adjuvancy to agrochemical formulations Elodie Shaw *
Laetitia Le Bert *
Kelly Buchek *
Eric Weber *
* Stepan Europe
Interaction between plant cuticular compounds, active ingredients, and adjuvants Simona Staiger * Katja Arand *
Christian Popp **
Markus Riederer *
* University of Würzburg
** Syngenta



Company product banners

Company Products / services Message
AkzoNobel Adjuvants, Surfactants / Formulation services Our business is cutting edge surface chemistry technologies. We provide agrochemical solutions for a sustainable future.
Croda Adjuvants / Formulation service The unmatched range of Croda additives and adjuvants help crop care customers get the best performance out of their products.
IMCD Adjuvants IMCD is a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of speciality chemicals and food ingredients. Through our technical, marketing and supply chain expertise we bring added value and growth to our customers and principal partners throughout the world.
Oxford Lasers Ltd Droplet size instruments and high speed imaging Oxford Lasers Imaging Division design and manufacture high speed Imaging systems for measuring droplet size & velocity.
PhenoVation B.V. Chlorophyll fluorescence camera's Our company develops and makes chlorophyll fluorescence camera’s that can measure the efficiency of photosynthesis.
SURfaPLUS Adjuvants We supply adjuvants for ornamental and vegetable crops based on extensive testing. We publish the onlline magazin Adjuvants & Formulations.